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Hung took just four hours to get to the sun and will only take 18 to return, making this a day trip. When he gets back to North Korea, he will be greeted by his uncle and supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Other glacier groups

Then Hung will be fed to a pack of starving, rabid dogs while Kim laughs and claps, before Dennis Rodman slam dunks his decapitated head through a hoop made of bones. Oh, sorry, we made that last part up. The rest of the story was also an obvious lie from someone else Where the joke originated: Did North Korea really claim to put a man on the sun or do people just like making Kim Jong-un look like a super-duper extra sillypants? North Koreans aren't scientifically illiterate enough to believe you can land on the sun.

Hyperborea - The Land of Light, North and the Origin

As Reddit notes:. In fact, depending on who you ask, North Korea can't even build real missiles.

Lands of Always Winter

The White Walkers used to originate in this region. The land wasn't always a winter-covered wasteland, having been a fertile land inhabited by the Children of the Forest in ancient history which they used to perform rituals and turn a captured human into the first of the White Walkers.

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There he is transformed into a White Walker himself. Bran Stark and the Three-Eyed Raven see the lands north of the Wall in a prehistoric period of time when they were green and inhabited by the Children of the Forest. Bran later sees the lands in the present day in a subsequent vision, where a massive army of wights and the Night King are stationed.

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  • After the Great War is over and the Night King and their army are defeated, there are presumably no known living creatures that could inhabit the Lands of Always Winter. A map showing the rough location of the Land of Always Winter on the continent of Westeros. It lies beyond the northern-most wildling kingdom, the land of the Thenns in the northern valleys of the Frostfangs.