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There are a surprising number of echoes—in casting, in plot lines, in certain shots—of past work by the same people. They pull a fast one on some bagmen working for the New York gangster Arnold Rothstein, setting them up for a robbery, but the scene becomes chaotic when Capone is spooked by a deer in the woods and starts shooting, killing several men.

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When Jimmy berates him, he gets defensive. She walks away, and we see a closeup of a garbage can as the bread is dumped into it. And, Mr. Nucky has a sad, faraway look as Fleming talks about his wife's efforts to keep their baby alive.

As work on the house progresses though, memories of his father's abuse begin to flood back. So he sets fire to it and watches it burn, perhaps purging his demons as Fleming looks on, aghast. Meanwhile Margaret has taken fellow concubine Annabelle's advice not to let her man reveal his emotions to her — the more he ends up seeing his own weaknesses reflected in her, the less he'll want to see her. But Nucky seems irritated when she coldly cuts him off during his emotional tale of how his father branded him with a poker for reaching for the bread first.

Later, Margaret asks him searching questions about a stolen baseball mitt, and he coldly dismisses her, "I don't want to talk about it.

He was badly beaten and in hospital for 11 days. Nucky's scars, it seems, are not just emotional. Margaret is struggling to navigate her complicated relationship with Nucky.

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On the upside, he's providing a future for her children, and her with the exciting lifestyle she craves. But is she really empowering herself with this arrangement? We also find out that the only other man at the massacre at the start of the series came to Van Alden and ratted out both Jimmy and Al Capone. Agent Van Alden now has a witness who is willing to testify that Jimmy was responsible for the truck heist in the first episode, and is visibly thrilled about this. We are also introduced to another notorious real-life hood in the form of Michael Lewis, which we later find out is an alias for Meyer Lansky.

The sharply dressed gangster tries to make a deal with Chalky White on behalf of the New York mob to cut out Nucky but Chalky refuses, believing that Nucky is testing his loyalty. But it feels slightly odd seeing him in a show set in the s.

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He looks and sounds wrong for the era. He turns up at a club to confront Nucky, where he endures casual racism "You people certainly are a lively bunch! Let's go. You're under arrest. Everybody else, stay in your seats. What's this about? Being in the Klan's not against the law.

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No, but stringing up darkies is. Yeah, we got our rights. You gotta be reasonable. Sheridan says I can't be buying from nobody else. You're good then, 'cause we ain't nobody else.

This is Johnny Torrio's territory now. You should talk to Mr. Sheridan, no? You Greeks, you got intelligence. I mean, you invented arithmetic, right? Then you should know what happens next. See, I say you gotta buy from us, then you give me some lip, then the next thing you know You all right, Demo?

You got something to say? What happens now is I help you up. Please, why you do this? Al, - come on. I'm in the middle of a fucking conversation. Next I break every bottle in this fuckin' joint. These people look thirsty, so you'll want a big order when the truck comes around.

Oh, yeah, if Sheridan got a problem, You tell him to come see me. I'm at the Four Deuces over on Wabash.

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Are you staying for supper? Demo, Demo, are you all right? Help me get him up. We have the pianist, the fat one. Remember you like him. This, fucking lip rouge. I will see that they wash them twice. How hard do I work? The pressure I'm under? Is it too much to ask that if I have a simple goddamn birthday party, that the silverware, the crystal, that they be clean? Nucky, I have taken Can I trust you to do anything right? The war, the anti-German bullshit, did I not stick with you despite all that?

Yes, you And this is the fucking thanks I get? This filthy piece of shit that some whore left her cock-smeared lip rouge on? You there, boy, scrub these goblets.

Everything Please do your best. How'd you sleep? You Klan fellas, get you in front of a crowd, can't shut you up. In private though I told you times.

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I don't know who hung that coon. Oh, I believe you. I really do.