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She has an incredible ear for sound, including rhyme and meter. This, coupled with an eye and heart for discovering the sublime in nature, gives her poems a classical feel—a formality that ups the poignancy while keeping sentimentality at bay. It is their story and her story: the hard and beautiful necessity of moving on while never forgetting. Happily, Howard's sonnets, such as 'Time Travel,' 'The Secret,' and 'Grace' shimmer with superb craft, evidence of a clear and powerful intelligence. Like those of Gerard Manley Hopkins, her use of word links: 'lake wed, these now years, and life hearts on' create new meanings and illuminations.

It is a love story. Howard was a former teacher and enjoys walking, kayaking, and birding around beautiful Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee, Georgia. Her poem will be exhibited May , , and appear in the Poetry Leaves bound volume.

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When Renee Hodges invited her nephew, Bobby, to come stay with her for a few weeks so he could visit a doctor about his back pain, she knew he was recovering from an addiction to prescription painkillers. She believed that if he could address his back problems, he would have a better chance of staying clean—but she had no idea what a roller coaster ride she was getting on.

Unlike other books about addiction, Saving Bobby begins after rehab is over. Told in part through journal entries, e-mails, and personal recollections, this raw, honest, deeply moving memoir—begun to keep the family accountable—describes the sixteen months that Hodges, her husband, and their community struggled alongside Bobby as he attempted to successfully re-enter the day-to-day world.

Using a holistic and open approach, the shame and stigma associated with addiction was lessened—and ultimately, Bobby learned he had to save himself. A gripping and heartrending story of survival, Saving Bobby is an essential, timely read for those concerned about America's most pressing epidemic. She co-wrote and self-published the Best Kept Secrets series of guides in the s. Settling into motherhood and raising a family, however, has been her most satisfying work, and today she is a wife, mother of three, writer, investor, community volunteer, and avid tennis player.

She is also a Shatterproof ambassador. Learn more about her book and her appearances by visiting www.

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He writes from a core of truth with illuminating, descriptive, deeply personal prose. Trace Ramsey ventures unflinchingly into the emotional landscape. Intimate and sometimes stark, he engages us by tapping a common well of humanity, and shining light into dark corners.

There are no wasted words. In this collection of short stories, essays, and poetry, Ramsey examines his family history and shows us how darkness can trickle through generations. He looks to people like his grandparents and his partner for hope and works to move beyond abuse and mental illness to find what is worth passing on to his children.

In a unique voice of clean, deliberate prose, he relays stories about the damage of the past and recovery in the present that is both brutal and achingly pretty. As the personal often sheds light on the universal, Trace's memories of his childhood and the scenes from his life today also give us the story of our time, our country, and a people longing to find substance, freedom, and meaning. In December, , Trace received a certificate in documentary arts in nonfiction writing from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Trace lives in Durham with his partner and two children. Registration is open. Bad things simply must happen to good characters. Drawing upon contemporary examples, participants will discuss the fundamental way that short stories and novels differ in structure, beginning with the most fundamental element of any narrative: conflict. How does it work in short fiction? How does it work in the novel? Why is it important to know the difference? She works for a peer-reviewed medical journal and edits the online literary magazine Change Seven.

Visit her online at www. These are the books that have affected Monks, and SW17 participants can expect these titles to be touchstones during her workshop. The Squire Summer Writing Workshops offer conferencegoers the chance to study elements of one genre with one instructor over the course of the program. Attendees will work on their own manuscripts, as well as those of their peers, while also attending readings, special presentations, and taking advantage of built-in writing time, amid the beauty and majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Joseph Bathanti will lead the course in Poetry. Eric G. Wilson will lead the class in Creative Nonfiction. Register now.

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He loves baseball, and he grapples with family challenges and bullies in the year before he enters sixth grade. Hart vividly recreates his setting …. How does an eleven-almost-twelve-year-old boy deal with a jelly belly he never asked for, the never-ending taunting by bullies, and the need to level the playing field for himself and his friends?

Life's not fair as Willie sees it!

What's a boy to do when he is not good enough to play on a tournament baseball team? How is a boy to befriend the school's worst bullies at the request of the school principal?

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It's the s and Willie is jolted into the reality that even skin color can cause problems for a boy. This is the second book for Mary Ann Rose Hart. The author served as a math lead teacher, writing math activities presented at regional and state math conferences. It was her fifth graders and her husband who inspired this writer to create Beaver Creek Blues.

Mary Ann and her husband, David, both animal lovers, live in North Carolina with a cat named Gus, their latest adopted orphan. Drew and William found out about the contest through the North Carolina Writers' Network and completed their manuscripts in the same writing group, proof that nobody writes alone! Often we are silent instead of speaking up, and Dardess makes clear that our silence results in brutality we should never countenance.

A graceful window on the lives of Westerners and Chinese alike.

Samuel Hammond, Duke University. Grace Woodbridge Roys suffered from bi-polar disease before it was well understood. Her daughter feared that her children would also suffer mental illness. Grace had had a mental breakdown weeks earlier when her missionary father forbade the marriage. The diary records their early married life, the births of their first two children, their social life with other missionaries in China, many of whom made major contributions to Nanking life and education: medical doctors and nurses; theology professors; agricultural innovators; founders of universities, hospitals, nursing schools, and schools for young Chinese women and men.

Included is their experience evacuating during the Sun Yat-sen Revolution of Well-known missionaries of that time came to tea and taught at the Hillcrest School the mothers began for foreign children. The Nanyang Exposition took place in , too, as China was in the throes of entering the modern era, with trains, electricity, telegraph, and a new interest in democracy. Judy Hogan was co-editor of a poetry journal Hyperion , In , she founded Carolina Wren Press. She has been active in central North Carolina as a reviewer, book distributor, publisher, teacher, and writing consultant.

Six other mystery novels are in print. She has taught creative writing since She lives and farms in Moncure, near Jordan Lake. There, you can stop by Granite Falls Brewing Company , which earlier this spring released Tailypo, a Beyond the obvious, why would you make a special stop for this admittedly intimidating but undeniably delicous beer? This intimate and focused weekend offers conferencegoers the chance to study elements of one genre with one instructor over the course of the program.

Registration is capped at forty-two attendees: register now. TripAdvisor named this small town, which is a popular vacation destination, the number-two "Diamond in the Rough," and National Geographic named it among its "Best Places to Live and Play. Tailypo is the first in Granite Falls Brewing Company's new Appalachian Storytellers series based on the legends and tall tales that arose in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where their brewery was born.

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Aged in thirty-year-old Nicaraguan rum barrels and ringing in at an imposing Notes of raisin, date, and fig play with undertones of chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar to create a complex tapestry of flavor that is both unique and unforgettable. For more information about Granite Falls Brewing, visit www. For additional information, visit www. From July 18—30, The University of the South gathers a distinguished faculty to provide instruction and criticism through workshops and craft lectures in poetry, fiction, and playwriting. When a multiple murder—the six victims were all members of a sex club, and murder site was their clubhouse—is discovered in a Long Island Sound mansion, Geneva is the only reporter on the scene.

Yet this may be her chance at professional redemption, as she investigates one of the most grisly murder scenes of her career. Probing the brutal slaughter of six people at an exclusive gated community, the intrepid journalist also uncovers all kinds of secrets, from a young man whose father bribes a judge to let him off on a hit-and-run charge to a swingers' club.

At the same time, Geneva also tries to hide her drinking problem from the newsroom. A chance encounter at an alcoholics anonymous meeting will change her life, but not before it's jeopardized by her connecting the dots and tracking down a vicious killer. Kies' debut mystery introduces a reporter with a compelling voice, a damaged woman who recounts her own bittersweet story as she hunts down clues.

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This suspenseful story will appeal to readers who enjoy hard-nosed investigative reporters such as Brad Parks's Carter Ross. Currently living on a barrier island on the coast of North Carolina, Thomas Kies has a long career working for newspapers and magazines, primarily in New England and New York. The voices in this collection represent some of the diverse voices of our region.

Heather wins a one-year membership with the North Carolina Writers' Network! In the months after Quinnie Boyd cracked the mystery of her missing teacher, she expected life in her small Maine town to snap back to normal. But two writers from New York City have arrived in Maiden Rock, and there's something not quite right about them.