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Such an accolade by Rabbi Wein can now be extended to his own recent cognate work written in collaboration with South African Chief Rabbi Dr. The Gaon broadens the concept of sinful speech beyond lashon hara to include scoffing, breaking vows and oaths, and conflict-laden speech, all of which constitute bad middos.

This work is studded with a panorama of great historical figures who were each destined to set the stage for Jewish religious scholarship, organizational life, and discipline for the next two centuries. Their legacy was destined to survive life spans, as well as persecutions, that enabled our faith to enjoy a high quality spiritual longevity, both here in America and in Israel, in the quality of learning and numbers far exceeding their European antecedents.

Each in their own way, derech, and geographic clime, contributed mightily to the survival of our faith on these blessed shores. Among the over dozen excellent scholarly works are two in particular that I wish to draw your attention to. Judah Landa. Each of these studies will surely give you a different perspective on subjects that warrant greater study by you.

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